Focal adhesion dynamics are altered in schizophrenia.

  title={Focal adhesion dynamics are altered in schizophrenia.},
  author={Yongjun Fan and Greger Abrahamsen and Richard Mills and Claudia C. Calder{\'o}n and Jing Yang Tee and Lisette Leyton and Wayne Murrell and Justin J. Cooper-White and J J Mcgrath and Alan Mackay-Sim},
  journal={Biological psychiatry},
  volume={74 6},
BACKGROUND Evidence from genetic association studies implicate genes involved in neural migration associated with schizophrenia risk. Neural stem/progenitor cell cultures (neurosphere-derived cells) from olfactory mucosa of schizophrenia patients have significantly dysregulated expression of genes in focal adhesion kinase (FAK) signaling, a key pathway regulating cell adhesion and migration. The aim of this study was to investigate whether olfactory neurosphere-derived cells from schizophrenia… CONTINUE READING
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