Fly larvae: a new toxicological method of investigation in forensic medicine.

  title={Fly larvae: a new toxicological method of investigation in forensic medicine.},
  author={P. Kintz and B. Godelar and A. Tracqui and P. Mangin and A. A. Lugnier and A. Chaumont},
  journal={Journal of forensic sciences},
  volume={35 1},
  • P. Kintz, B. Godelar, +3 authors A. Chaumont
  • Published 1990
  • Medicine
  • Journal of forensic sciences
  • Toxicological analyses on a putrefied cadaver are sometimes difficult to achieve because of the absence of blood and urine. In this study, maggots, living material, are proposed as a new medium of investigation in forensic medicine. Five drugs (triazolam, oxazepam, phenobarbital, alimemazine, and clomipramine) were identified and assayed in some tissues of a putrefied cadaver and in the maggots found on and in the body. 
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