Flux Flummoxed: A Proposal for Consistent Usage

  title={Flux Flummoxed: A Proposal for Consistent Usage},
  author={Philip H. Stauffer},
I would like to bring to the attention of the hydrogeology community an ongoing inconsistency in the published literature concerning the use of the term flux. The definition of flux that is most pertinent to Ground Water readers comes from the field of transport phenomena, where the flux of some quantity (e.g., mass, energy, momentum, entropy) is defined as the flow rate of that quantity per unit area. For example, a mass flow rate, which has SI units of kg/s, when referenced to a unit area… 

Untangling Diffusion from Advection in Unsaturated Porous Media: Experimental Data, Modeling, and Parameter Uncertainty

We conducted a series of experimental and modeling tests using data from the Busted Butte Unsaturated Zone Transport Test. First, we conducted a suite of reactive (e.g., Li), nonreactive (Br), and

Using heat to characterize streambed water flux variability in four stream reaches.

Streambed water flux was influenced by physical heterogeneity of the stream channel and temporal variability in stream and ground-water levels, and water flow through the streambed was roughly an order of magnitude larger in the humid basins of IN and NE than in the arid basins (WA and CA).

Spring flux as an indicator of source geomorphology, substrata, and temperature conditions in springs

Spring flux (m/s), defined as spring flow (m 3 /s) divided by the area over which groundwater emerges (m 2 ) at a spring, provides a meaningful way to distinguish between fracture and

Modelling the hydrology of the Greenland ice sheet

This thesis aims to better understand the relationships between basal water pressure, friction, and sliding mechanisms at ice sheet scales. In particular, it develops a new subglacial hydrology model

An assessment of storage terms in the surface energy balance of a subalpine meadow in Northwest China

The heat storage terms in the soil-vegetation-atmosphere system may play an important role in the surface energy budget. In this paper, we evaluate the heat storage terms of a subalpine meadow based

Onset of convection over a transient base-state in anisotropic and layered porous media

The topic of density-driven convection in porous media has been the focus of many recent studies due to its relevance as a long-term trapping mechanism during geological sequestration of carbon

Stepwise inversion of a groundwater flow model with multi-scale observation data

Based on the regional hydrogeology and the stratigraphy beneath the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) site, New Mexico (USA), a site-scale groundwater model has been built with more than 20

Evidence for High Rates of Gas Transport in the Deep Subsurface

Barometric pumping caused by atmospheric pressure fluctuations contributes to the motion of gases in the vadose zone. While the resulting gas transport is often negligible in unfractured porous

Analysis of the surface energy closure for a site in the Gobi Desert in Northwest China

The heat storage terms over an ideal (non-vegetated) horizontal desert surface may be very important and easily neglected in surface energy balance studies. In this paper, based on a field experiment


I. ABSTRACT This report presents a numerical model of an SVE pilot test on a volatile organic compound (VOC) plume in the subsurface at Material Disposal Area L, Los Alamos National Laboratory. A



Physical and chemical hydrogeology

The Origin of Porosity and Permeability. Ground-Water Movement. Main Equations of Flow, Boundary Conditions, and Flow Nets. Ground Water in the Basin Hydrologic Cycle. Hydraulic Testing: Models,

Contaminant Hydrogeology, 2nd Edition

Groundwater is a valuable resource that has received much attention over the last couple of decades. Extremely large sums of money have been and will be spent on groundwater contamination problems

Quantitative Hydrogeology: Groundwater Hydrology for Engineers

This book contains: The water cycle; Rock porosity and fluid-solid relations in porous media; Darcy's Law; Aquifer systems; Steady state solutions of the diffusion equation; Flow of miscible fluids:

Flow and transport through unsaturated fractured rock

A special session entitled “Flow and Transport Through Unsaturated Fractured Rock I, II, and III,” which involved a day and a half of both invited and contributed technical presentations as well as a

Evaluation of volatilization by organic chemicals residing below the soil surface

Although volatile organic compounds located in buried waste repositories or distributed through the unsaturated soil zone have the potential to migrate to the atmosphere by vapor diffusion, little

Geodynamics : applications of continuum physics to geological problems

A comprehensive and quantitative study of the fundamental aspects of plate tectonics. Provides an introduction to heat flow, elasticity and flexure, fluid mechanics, faulting, gravity, and flow in

Convective heat transfer

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Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences.

Chapter 1: Infinite Series, Power Series.The Geometric Series.Definitions and Notation.Applications of Series.Convergent and Divergent Series.Convergence Tests.Convergence Tests for Series of

Dynamics of Fluids in Porous Media

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Civil engineering handbook

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