Flurbiprofen-loaded acrylate polymer nanosuspensions for ophthalmic application.

  title={Flurbiprofen-loaded acrylate polymer nanosuspensions for ophthalmic application.},
  author={Rosario Pignatello and Claudio Bucolo and G Spedalieri and Adriana Maltese and Giovanni Puglisi},
  volume={23 15},
Polymeric nanoparticle suspensions were prepared from Eudragit RS100R and RL100R polymer resins and loaded with flurbiprofen (FLU), with the aim at improving the availability of the drug at an intra-ocular level for the prevention of the myosis induced during extracapsular cataract surgery. Nanosuspensions were prepared by a quasi-emulsion solvent diffusion technique using different formulation parameters (drug-to-polymer ratio, initial polymer concentration, agitation speed, etc.). The… CONTINUE READING


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