Flurbiprofen Pharmacokinetics: Interstrain and Sex Differences in Rats

  title={Flurbiprofen Pharmacokinetics: Interstrain and Sex Differences in Rats},
  author={A. Pargal and B. Cherian and S. Rani and D. Joshi},
Interstrain differences in the pharmacokinetic behaviour of drugs can influence their plasma concentration-time profiles and the extent of drug exposure, thereby influencing the outcome of animal toxicity studies. The pharmacokinetics of flurbiprofen was investigated in Wistar and Sprague–Dawley rats, the two most commonly used strains in toxicity studies. Flurbiprofen was administered orally at a dose of 2 mg kg−1 in a solution of polyethylene glycol) 400, to male and female Wistar and… Expand
Pharmacokinetics and metabolism of a vitamin D analogue (Seocalcitol) in rat and minipig
The major metabolites in the liver were various isomers of 26-hydroxy Seocalcitol, although the concentration of the individual isomers in rat and minipig were not the same, and the same metabolites were formed in vitro following incubations with rat, minipigs and human S9 fractions. Expand