Fluoroacidity evaluation in molten salts


The fluoroacidity of several alkaline fluoride media was studied by monitoring the concentration of electroactive species which is decreasing vs. time due to a gas species release, such as silicon fluorides, as indicated by the reaction: SiF4+ x =SiF4(g) + xF . This article relates the Si(IV) reaction study to define a relative fluoroacidity scale by studying the silicon ions stability in different melts. Electrochemical techniques allow the measurement of SiF4+ x concentration evolution and thus the reaction rate constant to be calculated at different temperatures and for several fluoride media. The article shows that the free F content depends on the fluoride mixture and that the rate values are correlated with the fluoroacidity allowing a qualitative estimation. Then a fluoride solvents fluoroacidity scale was proposed, scaling the different eutectic melts from basic melt to acidic one: NaF–KF< LiF–KF<NaF–MgF2 <NaF–CaF2 < LiF–NaF< LiF < LiF–CaF2.

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