Fluorine Passivation in Gate Stacks of Poly-$\hbox{Si}/\hbox{TaN}/\hbox{HfO}_{2}$ (and $\hbox{HfSiON}/\hbox{HfO}_{2})/\hbox{Si}$ Through Gate Ion Implantation


Fluorine passivation in poly-Si/TaN/HfO2/p-Si and poly-Si/TaN/HfSiON/HfO2/p-Si gate stacks with varying TaN thickness through gate ion implantation has been studied. It has been found that when TaN thickness was less than 15 nm, mobility and subthreshold swing improved significantly in HfO2 nMOSFETs; while there was little performance improvement in HfSiON… (More)


4 Figures and Tables