Fluorinated sulfonate surfactants

  title={Fluorinated sulfonate surfactants},
  author={Sheng Lih Peng and M W Hung},
Abstract New classes of fluorinated sulfonate surfactants were synthesized in which a perfluoroalkyl chain is interrupted either by an ether oxygen (–O–), or by methylene (–CH 2 –) units. Both classes of molecules involve multi-step syntheses. The fluoroether sulfonates (RfOCF 2 CF 2 CH 2 CH 2 SO 3 H, Rf = C 2 F 5 , C 3 F 7 ) were achieved in four steps including fluoroiodonation of perfluorovinyl ethers (RfCF = CF 2 ), ethylation, chlorination and hydrolysis. The methylene interrupted… CONTINUE READING