Fluorinated N,N'-diarylureas as AMPK activators.

  title={Fluorinated N,N'-diarylureas as AMPK activators.},
  author={Vitaliy M. Sviripa and Wen Zhang and Michael D Conroy and Eric S Schmidt and Alice X Liu and Johnny Truong and Chunming Liu and David S. Watt},
  journal={Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters},
  volume={23 6},
Adenosine monophosphate-activated kinase (AMPK) plays a central role in regulating energy homeostasis in eukaryotic cells. AMPK also regulates lipid synthesis by inhibiting acetyl-CoA carboxylase (ACC) and regulates mTOR signaling by activating TSC2. Due to its important roles in cell metabolism, AMPK is an attractive target for metabolic diseases, such as type II diabetes and obesity. AMPK activators, such as metformin, that are used for diabetes treatment are also effective anticancer agents… CONTINUE READING


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