Fluorinated Benzo[h]quinolines and Benzo[f]quinolines

  title={Fluorinated Benzo[h]quinolines and Benzo[f]quinolines},
  author={Ken-ichi Saeki and Masato Tomomitsu and Yoshiyuki Kawazoe and Kunitaka Momota and Hiroshi Kimoto},
Thirteen kinds of fluorinated derivatives of benzo[h]quinoline and benzo[f]quinoline were synthesized by means of the Schiemann reaction or Skraup reaction, or by an electrolytic method. The synthesized derivatives carry one or two fluorine atoms at the bay-region, the K-region, and/or on the pyridine moiety of the molecules. These compounds can be used as models to examine the effect upon genotoxicity of fluorine substitution at appropriate sites on aromatic rings. Physicochemical and… CONTINUE READING