Fluoride in saliva and plaque following use of fluoride-containing mouthwashes.

  title={Fluoride in saliva and plaque following use of fluoride-containing mouthwashes.},
  author={Ralph M Duckworth and Stanley N. Deming Stephen L. Morgan and Anne M. Murray},
  journal={Journal of dental research},
  volume={66 12},
The sensitivity of methodology for measuring the concentration of fluorine species in saliva and in plaque has been tested. Human subjects mouth-rinsed daily with aqueous solutions of NaF and Na2FPO3. Samples of unstimulated whole saliva and of plaque were collected twice weekly at least 18 hr after treatment application. Oral fluoride concentrations rose from placebo values for approximately two weeks before attaining equilibrium and returned to baseline when daily mouthrinsing was stopped… CONTINUE READING

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