Fluoride contamination, health problems and remediation methods in Asian groundwater: A comprehensive review.

  title={Fluoride contamination, health problems and remediation methods in Asian groundwater: A comprehensive review.},
  author={Krishna Kumar Yadav and Sandeep Kumar and Quoc Bao Pham and Neha Gupta and Shahabaldin Rezania and Hesam Kamyab and Shalini Yadav and Jan Vymazal and Vinit Kumar and Doan Quang Tri and Amirreza Talaiekhozani and Shiv Prasad and Lisa M Reece and Neeraja Singh and Pradip Kumar Maurya and Jinwoo Cho},
  journal={Ecotoxicology and environmental safety},

A holistic study on fluoride-contaminated groundwater models and its widespread effects in healthcare and irrigation

This paper aims to establish the definition of fluoride contamination of groundwater and simultaneously provide an outline of a few common sources that may cause fluoride contamination and lay out the impacts of fluoride-contaminated groundwater on two sectors: healthcare and agriculture/irrigation.

Distribution of fluoride in surface water and a health risk assessment in the upper reaches of the Yongding River

The excessive exposure to high concentrations of fluoride in drinking water can lead to a serious disease called fluorosis. The upstream region of the Yongding River is an ecological protection area

Evaluation of non-carcinogenic risks due to fluoride and nitrate contaminations in a groundwater of an urban part (Coimbatore region) of south India

This investigation suggests higher health risk for children and also recommends that proper management plan should be adopted to improve the drinking water quality in this region in order to avoid major health issues in the near future.

Toxicity Assessment of Fluoride-Contaminated Soil and Wastewater in Solanum tuberosum

Groundwater is the most common source of drinking and irrigation in the world. As a result of human activities and natural processes, fluoride (F−) levels have increased in most groundwater supplies

Effects on Human Health due to Fluoride

Occurrence, sources, and spatial distribution of fluoride in the Ganga alluvial aquifer, India

Groundwater contamination throughout India is a global concern as it feeds more than a billion people. Of all the contaminants, fluoride (F) is one of the most widespread and well documented since



Groundwater fluoride contamination, probable release, and containment mechanisms: a review on Indian context

Groundwater contamination subject to undesirable level of fluoride needs urgent attention to understand the role of geochemistry, hydrogeology and climatic factors along with anthropogenic inputs in fluoride pollution.

Fluoride Contamination of Groundwater and Toxicities in Dongargaon Block, Chhattisgarh, India

Endemic fluorosis diseases in the human and domestic animals in the Chhattisgarh state, Central India are observed. The prevalence of fluorosis is mainly due to the intake of large quantities of

Contamination of fluoride in groundwater and its effect on human health: a case study in hard rock aquifers of Siddipet, Telangana State, India

Hydrogeochemical investigation has been carried out in the granitic terrain of Siddipet area, Medak district, Telangana State, India with an aim to understand the distribution of fluoride in the

Recent Developments in Defluoridation of Drinking Water in India

The paper critically discusses the recent developments in various defluoridation processes, identifies the pertinent gaps in them and offers plausible solutions by summarizing the ongoing research at MNIT Jaipur in order to obviate these gaps through appropriate technological interventions.

Fluoride Pollution in Groundwater

  • P. Sahu
  • Environmental Science
    Groundwater Development and Management
  • 2018
With burgeoning population, the water demand of the world has increased by many folds and this increasing demand is met from surface water and groundwater resources. Though about 70% of the earth’s

Study of Fluoride Contribution Through Water and Food to Human Population in Fluorosis Endemic Villages of North-Eastern Rajasthan

Results strongly suggest that ground water in fluorosis endemic areas is a major contributing factor to total fluoride ingestion, either when used for drinking or cooking purposes.

Fluoride and Arsenic in Groundwater: Occurrence and Geochemical Processes Controlling Mobilisation

Fluorine and arsenic are the two toxic elements whose contamination in groundwater has posed toxicological problems across the globe. The fluorine contamination in the groundwater has been reported