Fluoride antireflection coatings deposited at 193 nm.


Antireflection coatings for 193 nm composed of low-index (MgF(2) and AlF(3)) and high-index (LaF(3) and GdF(3)) materials are deposited by the resistive heating boat method at a substrate temperature of 300 degrees C. The optical characteristics (reflectance and optical loss), microstructure (morphology and surface roughness), stress, and laser-induced damage threshold (LIDT) of the coatings are investigated and discussed. The related reflection at 193 nm of the four kinds of antireflection coatings is smaller than 0.2% and the optical loss is less than 0.15%. Of the fluoride antireflection coatings, AlF(3)/GdF(3) had the lowest stress value. Antireflection coatings with AlF(3) as the low-index material had higher LIDT values than when MgF(2) was used.

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