Fluoride and arsenic contamination in drinking water due to mining activities and its impact on local area population

  title={Fluoride and arsenic contamination in drinking water due to mining activities and its impact on local area population},
  author={Tasawar Ali Chandio and Muhammad Nasiruddin Khan and Maria Taj Muhammad and Ozcan Yalçinkaya and Agha Arslan Wasim and Ahmet Furkan Kayis},
  journal={Environmental Science and Pollution Research},
Contamination of arsenic and fluoride in drinking water reservoirs is a serious health issue in the Sibi district, Balochistan, Pakistan. The contamination has already been affecting a large population of the district. Dental fluorosis and dermatitis are the most common reported illnesses in the area. This study focused on the evaluation of the root causes and pathway by which it reached to the body. Questioner analysis, simple examination, and pictorial representation were used to study the… 

Health Risk Assessment of Arsenic in the Drinking Water of Upper Sindh, Pakistan

Water is a valuable compound for plants, animals, and humans. Various contaminating agents pollute it, with arsenic being one of them. Measurements of arsenic in potable water in Upper Sindh were

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Exponential industrialization and anthropogenic activities have resulted in water contamination by various heavy metals in Kanpur city, India. Heavy metal pollution, an issue of great concern, is not

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Arsenic (As) contamination in drinking groundwater is a common environmental problem in Pakistan. Therefore, sixty-one groundwater samples were collected from various groundwater sources in District

Evaluating toxic element contamination sources in groundwater bodies of two Mediterranean sites

Among the proposed remedial measures, the installation of a continuous groundwater monitoring network and the control in the usage of nitrogen fertilizers seems to be the most effective and tangible for immediate action.

Dental Fluorosis in Children from Aguascalientes, Mexico: A Persistent Public Health Problem

Dental fluorosis will persist as a public health problem in Aguascalientes State unless appropriate technologies for fluoride removal from water are installed and operated.

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An overview of the most common zoonotic diseases found in Pakistan is provided and the importance of the “One Health” concept in managing these diseases is emphasized.



Fluoride estimation and its correlation with other physicochemical parameters in drinking water of some areas of Balochistan, Pakistan

Assessment of fluoride content and other water quality parameters in the samples taken from open wells, tube wells, and karezes of Mastung, Mangochar, and Pringabad areas of Balochistan province shows that drinking water samples found unfit for human consumption are recommended.

Fluoride ion contamination in the groundwater of Mithi sub-district, the Thar Desert, Pakistan

Groundwater samples were collected from various localities of Mithi sub-district of the Thar Desert of Pakistan and analysed for fluoride ion along with other chemical parameters. The area is mainly

Geochemical appraisal of fluoride contamination of groundwater in the Nayagarh District of Orissa, India

Abstract. The occurrence of high concentrations of fluoride in groundwater (>1.5 mg/l) in the villages of Singhpur and Sagaragan in the Nayagarh District of Orissa and its relation with the

Arsenic: Occurrence in Groundwater

Chronic Arsenic Poisoning in the North of Mexico

Non-specific symptoms were more prevalent in the exposed population and they occurred more frequently in those individuals with skin signs, and the relative risk of suffering a particular manifestation of poisoning, ranged from 1.9 to 36 times higher in the exposure population.

Arsenic contamination of drinking water and foodstuffs causing endemic chronic poisoning.