Fluoridation and tooth wear in Irish adults.

  title={Fluoridation and tooth wear in Irish adults.},
  author={Francis M. Burke and Helen Whelton and M{\'a}ir{\'e}ad Antoinette Harding and Evelyn Crowley and Denis O'Mullane and M. Cronin and Virginia Kelleher and Michelle Byrtek},
  journal={Community dentistry and oral epidemiology},
  volume={38 5},
The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of tooth wear in adults in Ireland and its relationship with water fluoridation. The National Survey of Adult Oral Health was conducted in 2000/2001. Tooth wear was determined using a partial mouth examination assessing the upper and lower anterior teeth. A total of 2456 subjects were examined. In this survey, increasing levels and severity of tooth wear were associated with ageing. Men were more affected by tooth wear and were more likely… CONTINUE READING

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