Fluorescent Labeling of Antibody Fragments Using Split GFP

  title={Fluorescent Labeling of Antibody Fragments Using Split GFP},
  author={Fortunato Ferrara and Pawel Listwan and Geoffrey Waldo and Andrew R. M. Bradbury},
  booktitle={PloS one},
Antibody fragments are easily isolated from in vitro selection systems, such as phage and yeast display. Lacking the Fc portion of the antibody, they are usually labeled using small peptide tags recognized by antibodies. In this paper we present an efficient method to fluorescently label single chain Fvs (scFvs) using the split green fluorescent protein (GFP) system. A 13 amino acid tag, derived from the last beta strand of GFP (termed GFP11), is fused to the C terminus of the scFv. This tag… CONTINUE READING


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