Fluorescence of carbonyl-containing intraionic polymethines.


Electronic structure and spectral-fluorescent properties of four related indole-based intraionic polymethines are discussed. They all comprise at least one carbonyl group in the acceptor part of their molecule but the effects of the carbonyls upon their UV/Vis and fluorescence spectra depend substantially on its position within the polymethine chromophore. At that, solvation of the carbonyls with highly electrophilic protic solvents can, as a function of dye structure, cause both a rise and decrease of fluorescence quantum yield of a dye or have no tangible effect at all. To get insight into the regularities of such behaviour, the dyes were examined closely using both their absorption and fluorescence spectral data and the (TD) DFT quantum chemical simulation.

DOI: 10.1088/2050-6120/4/3/034006

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@article{Kulinich2016FluorescenceOC, title={Fluorescence of carbonyl-containing intraionic polymethines.}, author={Andrii V Kulinich}, journal={Methods and applications in fluorescence}, year={2016}, volume={4 3}, pages={034006} }