Fluorescence lifetime imaging of intracellular calcium in COS cells using Quin-2.

  title={Fluorescence lifetime imaging of intracellular calcium in COS cells using Quin-2.},
  author={Joseph R. Lakowicz and Henryk Szmacinski and Kazimierz Nowaczyk and W. Jonathan Lederer and Mark Stephen Kirby and Michael D. Johnson},
  journal={Cell calcium},
  volume={15 1},
We describe the first fluorescence lifetime images of cells. To demonstrate this new capability we measured intracellular images of Ca2+ in COS cells based on the Ca(2+)-dependent fluorescence lifetime of Quin-2. Apparent fluorescence lifetimes were measured by the phase-modulation method using a gain-modulated image intensifier and a slow-scan CCD camera. We describe methods to correct the images for photobleaching during acquisition of the data, and to correct for the position-dependent… CONTINUE READING

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