Fluorescence imaging using synthetic GFP chromophores.

  title={Fluorescence imaging using synthetic GFP chromophores.},
  author={Christopher L Walker and Konstantin A. Lukyanov and Ilia V Yampolsky and Alexander S. Mishin and Andreas S. Bommarius and Anna M Duraj-Thatte and Bahareh Azizi and Laren M. Tolbert and Kyril M Solntsev},
  journal={Current opinion in chemical biology},
Green fluorescent protein and related proteins carry chromophores formed within the protein from their own amino acids. Corresponding synthetic compounds are non-fluorescent in solution due to photoinduced isomerization of the benzylideneimidiazolidinone core. Restriction of this internal rotation by binding to host molecules leads to pronounced, up to three orders of magnitude, increase of fluorescence intensity. This property allows using GFP chromophore analogs as fluorogenic dyes to detect… CONTINUE READING

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