Fluorescence excitation and emission spectroscopy of the A1A"<--X1A' system of CHBr.


We report fluorescence excitation and emission spectra of CHBr in the 450-750 nm region. A total of 30 cold bands involving the pure bending levels 2(0)(n) with n=2-8 and combination bands 2(0)(n)3(0)(1)(n=1-8), 2(0) (n)3(0)(2)(n=1-6), 2(0)(n)3(0)(3)(n=1-2), 1(0)(1)2(0)(n)(n=5-7), 1(0)(1)2(0)(n)3(0)(1)(n=4-6), and 1(0)(1)2(0)(n)3(0)(2)(n=5) in the A (1)A… (More)


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