Fluorescence enhancement of warfarin induced by interaction with beta-cyclodextrin.

  title={Fluorescence enhancement of warfarin induced by interaction with beta-cyclodextrin.},
  author={Jacob V{\'a}squez and Andrew A. Vu and Jerome S. Schultz and Valentine I. Vullev},
  journal={Biotechnology progress},
  volume={25 4},
Warfarin is the most common agent used for control and prevention of venous as well as arterial thromboembolism (blood clots). In aqueous media, warfarin forms inclusion complexes with a family of cyclic oligosaccharides, alpha, beta, gamma-cyclodextrins (CD). The formation of these complexes results in enhancement of the fluorescence of warfarin. Such spectroscopic changes offer a venue for the development of bioanalytical methodologies for warfarin quantification in biological liquids. We… CONTINUE READING

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