Fluorescence decay studies of the DNA-3,6-diaminoacridine complexes.


The interaction of several 3,6-diaminoacridines with DNAs of various base composition has been studied by steady-state and transient fluorescence measurements. The acridine dyes employed are of the following two classes: class I - proflavine, acriflavine and 10-benzyl proflavine; class II - acridine yellow, 10-methyl acridine yellow and benzoflavine. It is… (More)


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@article{Kubota1984FluorescenceDS, title={Fluorescence decay studies of the DNA-3,6-diaminoacridine complexes.}, author={Yasue Kubota and Yusuke Motoda and Yasushi Kuromi and Yuri Fujisaki}, journal={Biophysical chemistry}, year={1984}, volume={19 1}, pages={25-37} }