Fluorescence assays for high-throughput screening of protein kinases.

  title={Fluorescence assays for high-throughput screening of protein kinases.},
  author={Guido J. R. Zaman and Anja Garritsen and Th de Boer and Constant A. A. van Boeckel},
  journal={Combinatorial chemistry & high throughput screening},
  volume={6 4},
Protein kinases comprise one of the most important group of targets for drug discovery research today. Methods to identify novel kinase inhibitors by high-throughput screening have evolved rapidly in recent years. An important aspect is the availability of fluorescent probes that can be applied in a homogeneous, or mix-and-measure, assay format. Here, we illustrate the application of fluorescence read-out technologies for kinase targets in light of our own experiences in assay development and… CONTINUE READING

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