Fluorescence and image guided resection in high grade glioma.

  title={Fluorescence and image guided resection in high grade glioma.},
  author={Pier Paolo Panciani and Marco Fontanella and Bawarjan Schatlo and Diego Garbossa and Alessandro Agnoletti and Alessandro Ducati and Michele Maria R Lanotte},
  journal={Clinical neurology and neurosurgery},
  volume={114 1},
The extent of resection in high grade glioma is increasingly been shown to positively effect survival. Nevertheless, heterogeneity and migratory behavior of glioma cells make gross total resection very challenging. Several techniques were used in order to improve the detection of residual tumor. Aim of this study was to analyze advantages and limitations of fluorescence and image guided resection. A multicentric prospective study was designed to evaluate the accuracy of each method. Furthermore… CONTINUE READING

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