Fluorescein-conjugated Bovine Albumin

  title={Fluorescein-conjugated Bovine Albumin},
  author={Alfred A. Schiller and Richard W. Schayer and Eugene L. Hess},
  journal={The Journal of General Physiology},
  pages={489 - 506}
Fluorescein-bovine albumin conjugates have been prepared and found not to differ appreciably in size, shape, and homogeneity from the precursor, bovine serum albumin. Fluorescein has also been conjugated to rat plasma proteins. Their disappearance rates from the circulation of rats correspond with those obtained from the use of isotope labeling. Their sites of localization in rat tissues were shown to be in the cytoplasm but not in the nuclei of Kupffer cells, fixed macrophages, granulocytes… CONTINUE READING


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