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Flunixin meglumine: a non-narcotic analgesic.

  title={Flunixin meglumine: a non-narcotic analgesic.},
  author={Vincent B. Ciofalo and M B Latranyi and Jitendra B. Patel and Robert I. Taber},
  journal={The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics},
  volume={200 3},
The N-methyl-d-glucamine salt of flunixin (flunixin meglumine) is a potent non-narcotic analgesic agent after parenteral administration in mice, rats and monkeys. It is significantly more potent than pentazocine, meperidine and codeine in the rat yeast paw test after subcutaneous administration in saline. Activity on intramuscular administration is comparable to that after subcutaneous administration and is enhanced when dissolved in buffered saline as compared to nonbuffered saline. In… 
L-Arginine-No System Participates in the Analgesic Effect of Flunixin Meglumine in the Rat
The inhibition of the production of NO might be involved in the mechanism of the analgesic effect of FM, which significantly reduced the antinociceptive effects of both FM and FM + L-NAME combination.
Effect of morphine and flunixin meglumine on isoflurane minimum alveolar concentration in goats.
Morphine significantly reduced the ISO MAC in goats and did not adversely affect the quality of recovery and the use of morphine, at the dose studied, in association with ISO anesthesia, will allow a clinically significant reduction in the concentration of ISO required to maintain general anesthesia in goats.
Reversal by naloxone of the spinal antinociceptive actions of a systemically‐administered NSAID
It is concluded that under conditions of peripheral inflammation and the resultant central changes, the NSAID, flunixin, has antinociceptive actions that are mediated by endogenous opioids acting within the spinal cord.
A comparison of the effects of buprenorphine, carprofen and flunixin following laparotomy in rats.
If the depression in food and water consumption is related to the presence of post-operative pain, then the findings suggest that analgesics should be administered to rats following surgical procedures.
Measurement of Cyclooxygenase Inhibition in vivo: A Study of Two Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs in Sheep
Phenylbutazone and FM have distinct effects on carrageenan-induced cyclooxygenase ( COX-2) and platelet COX (COX-1).