Fluidic actuation of an elastomeric grating.


A fluidic chamber with an elastomeric grating membrane is fabricated. Grating groove spacing is modified through membrane deformation via fluid injection. Tunable diffraction output is demonstrated. At normal incidence, the diffraction angle changes by 14.2° and 9.8° for incident wavelengths 632.8 and 488 nm, respectively, with an injected fluid volume of 1 ml.

DOI: 10.1364/AO.51.005812

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@article{Guerrero2012FluidicAO, title={Fluidic actuation of an elastomeric grating.}, author={Raphael A Guerrero and Sarah Jaye C Oliva and Johanna Mae M Indias}, journal={Applied optics}, year={2012}, volume={51 24}, pages={5812-7} }