Fluid surface synthesis in simulation scene


This paper presents a patch-based method of reconstructing a large-scale fluid surface in which new image is synthesized by stitching small patches of existing texture together. This patch-based sampling is fast and can generate high-quality synthesized texture. Unlike previous algorithms, we creatively apply Poisson equations into synthesis process to solve the boundary issue of patch-based synthesis. And by preprocessing the source image, we avoid time-consuming features of those Poisson equations. Our experiments demonstrate that our method is effective to generate fluid surface and the synthesized texture is suitable to be used to reconstruct 3D scene.

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@article{Xue2013FluidSS, title={Fluid surface synthesis in simulation scene}, author={Hanyu Xue and Xinhui Cheng and Hongyan Quan and Weijie Zhao}, journal={Proceedings of 2013 3rd International Conference on Computer Science and Network Technology}, year={2013}, pages={986-990} }