Fluid-dynamic characteristics of a bristled wing.

  title={Fluid-dynamic characteristics of a bristled wing.},
  author={S Sunada and Hiroyuki Takashima and Tomohiro Hattori and Kenji Yasuda and Keiji Kawachi},
  journal={The Journal of experimental biology},
  volume={205 Pt 17},
Thrips fly at a chord-based Reynolds number of approximately 10 using bristled rather than solid wings. We tested two dynamically scaled mechanical models of a thrips forewing. In the bristled design, cylindrical rods model the bristles of the forewing; the solid design was identical to the bristled one in shape, but the spaces between the 'bristles' were filled in by membrane. We studied four different motion patterns: (i) forward motion at a constant forward velocity, (ii) forward motion at a… CONTINUE READING