Fluctuations of water quality time series in rivers follow superstatistics

  title={Fluctuations of water quality time series in rivers follow superstatistics},
  author={Benjamin Sch{\"a}fer and C. M. Heppell and Hefin I Rhys and Christian Beck},
Spatio-temporal complexity of power-grid frequency fluctuations
Power-grid systems constitute one of the most complex man-made spatially extended structures. These operate with strict operational bounds to ensure synchrony across the grid. This is particularly


Dissolved oxygen and water temperature dynamics in lowland rivers over various timescales
Abstract The impact of floodplain hydrology on the in-stream dissolved oxygen dynamics and the relation between dissolved oxygen and water temperature are investigated. This has been done by
Superstatistical approach to air pollution statistics
Air pollution by Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) is a major concern in large cities as it has severe adverse health effects. However, the statistical properties of air pollutants are not fully understood.
From time series to superstatistics.
This work describes how to proceed from a given experimental time series to a superstatistical description and illustrates the approach by applying it to velocity time series measured in turbulent Taylor-Couette flow, which is well described by log-normal superstatistics and exhibits clear time scale separation.
Wind Power Persistence Characterized by Superstatistics
This work investigates the statistics of both high- and low-wind persistence and finds heavy tails and explains them as a superposition of different wind conditions, requiring q-exponential distributions instead of exponential distributions.
Superstatistical distribution of daily precipitation extremes: A worldwide assessment
This work determines the exact distribution of maximum annual daily precipitation starting from a Markov chain and in a closed analytical form under the hypothesis of stochastic independence and forms a superstatistics conjecture of daily precipitation, meaning that the parameters of this exact distribution vary from a year to another according to probability distributions.
Assessment of spatial and temporal fluctuations in water quality of a tropical permanent estuarine system - Tapi, west coast India.
Observed correlated values of salinity, nitrate, phosphate, silicate, values are significantly high in the estuarine zone of Tapi estuary.
Non-Gaussian power grid frequency fluctuations characterized by Lévy-stable laws and superstatistics
This work identifies energy trading as a substantial contribution to today’s frequency fluctuations and effective damping of the grid as a controlling factor enabling reduction of fluctuation risks, with enhanced effects for small power grids.
Superstatistics and non-Gaussian diffusion
A brief introduction to the phenomenon of non-Gaussianity and the stochastic modelling in terms of superstatistical and diffusing-diffusivity approaches is provided.