Fluctuations in Stationary non Equilibrium States

  title={Fluctuations in Stationary non Equilibrium States},
  author={Lorenzo Bertini and Alberto De Sole and Davide Gabrielli and Giovanni Jona-Lasinio and Claudio Landim},
In this paper we formulate a dynamical fluctuation theory for stationary non equilibrium states (SNS) which covers situations in a nonlinear hydrodynamic regime and is verified explicitly in stochastic models of interacting particles. In our theory a crucial role is played by the time reversed dynamics. Our results include the modification of the Onsager–Machlup theory in the SNS, a general Hamilton–Jacobi equation for the macroscopic entropy and a non equilibrium, non linear fluctuation… 
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  • Pure Appl. Math. 42
  • 1989