Fluctuations and criticality of a granular solid-liquid-like phase transition.

  title={Fluctuations and criticality of a granular solid-liquid-like phase transition.},
  author={Gustavo Castillo and Nicol{\'a}s Mujica and Rodrigo Soto},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={109 9},
We present an experimental study of density and order fluctuations in the vicinity of the solid-liquid-like transition that occurs in a vibrated quasi-two-dimensional granular system. The two-dimensional projected static and dynamic correlation functions are studied. We show that density fluctuations, characterized through the structure factor, increase in size and intensity as the transition is approached, but they do not change significantly at the transition itself. The dense, metastable… 
Universality and criticality of a second-order granular solid-liquid-like phase transition.
While dissipation is strictly necessary to form the crystal, the path the system undergoes toward the phase separation is part of a well-defined universality class, and the local order shows critical properties while density does not.
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The critical phenomena associated to the liquid-to-solid transition of quasi-two-dimensional vibrated granular systems is studied using molecular dynamics simulations of the inelastic hard sphere model, indicating that two is the lower dimension for having a tricritical point.
Effective two-dimensional model for granular matter with phase separation.
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Nonequilibrium steady states, coexistence, and criticality in driven quasi-two-dimensional granular matter.
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It is shown that this dynamical system is in mechanical equilibrium in the confining potential and exhibits a thermal-like behavior, where the granular pressure and the packing fraction are related through an equation of state, which is valid in the whole range of the physical parameters investigated.
Hyperuniform states generated by a critical friction field.
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