Fluctuations and Correlations of Transmission Eigenchannels in Diffusive Media.

  title={Fluctuations and Correlations of Transmission Eigenchannels in Diffusive Media.},
  author={N. Bender and A. Yamilov and H. Yılmaz and H. Cao},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={125 16},
Selective excitation of a diffusive system's transmission eigenchannels enables manipulation of its internal energy distribution. The fluctuations and correlations of the eigenchannel's spatial profiles, however, remain unexplored so far. Here we show that the depth profiles of high-transmission eigenchannels exhibit low realization-to-realization fluctuations. Furthermore, our experimental and numerical studies reveal the existence of interchannel correlations, which are significant for low… Expand

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