Fluctuation of fatty acid composition in Ehrlich carcinoma-bearing mouse liver during the growth period.

  title={Fluctuation of fatty acid composition in Ehrlich carcinoma-bearing mouse liver during the growth period.},
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Fatty acid composition in the tumor-bearing host liver was analyzed and the following results were obtained: 1) In normal liver, C16:0 was rich in cholesterol ester. The percentage of C18:0 was higher in phospholipid than that in cholesterol ester. The percentage of C18:0 in triglyceride+NEFA fraction was smaller than that in cholesterol ester. C18:1 was abundant in triglyceride+NEFA and the percentage of C18:2 was also high in triglyceride+NEFA. As compared with the normal liver, the fatty… Expand


Fluctuation of lipid content in Ehrlich carcinoma cells during the growth period.
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