Fluctuating asymmetry, second to fourth finger length ratios and human sexual orientation

  title={Fluctuating asymmetry, second to fourth finger length ratios and human sexual orientation},
  author={Qazi Rahman},
  • Q. Rahman
  • Published 1 May 2005
  • Psychology, Biology
  • Psychoneuroendocrinology

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Although elevated levels of developmental stress appear to be linked to shifts in sexual orientation, the underlying mechanism does not seem to be connected to sex-atypical prenatal hormones.
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The present evidence actually suggests that homosexuals have lower FA than heterosexuals, raising the question of whether the positive fitness components associated with low FA may contribute to selection that maintains homosexuality in a population.
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Prenatal androgen levels are suggested to influence sexual orientation in both sexes. The 2D:4D digit ratio has been found to associate with sexual orientation, but published findings have often been
Fraternal Birth Order, Handedness, and Sexual Orientation in a Chinese Population
The results showed that homosexual women are more likely to be non-right-handed than heterosexual women, regardless of how sexual orientation was defined, whereas bisexual women areMore likely to been non- right-handedthan heterosexual women whenSexual orientation was assessed via sexual attraction and sexual identity.
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A continuous neurohormonal sexual differentiation of the brain, most notably for women, that overrides categories and results in varying dimensions of sexual orientation is hypothesized.
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Differences in facial morphology of homosexual and heterosexual men do not simply mirror variation in femininity, and the stereotypic association of feminine looking men as homosexual may confound judgments of sexual orientation.
Hair whorl direction and sexual orientation in human males.
The authors found no significant difference between heterosexual and homosexual men in hair whorl direction, but the authors did replicate the fraternal birth order effect (more older brothers for homosexual men).
Handedness is a biomarker of variation in anal sex role behavior and Recalled Childhood Gender Nonconformity among gay men
It is suggested that developmental processes linked to handedness underpin variation among men in sexual orientation and gender nonconformity as well as variation among subgroups of gay men that are delineated by anal sex roles.
Fraternal Birth Order and Extreme Right-Handedness as Predictors of Sexual Orientation and Gender Nonconformity in Men
There was evidence for a relationship among handedness, sexual orientation, and CGN, and mediation analysis revealed that handedness was associated with sexual orientation directly and also indirectly through the mediating factor of CGN.


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Evidence indicating that the process of determining human sexual orientation is fundamentally the same in all mammals is reviewed, and a theory of how the entire spectrum of humanSexual orientation is determined is proposed.
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The androgen-sensitive pattern of finger lengths is examined, and there is evidence that homosexual women are exposed to more prenatal androgen than heterosexual women are, and men with more than one older brother, who are more likely than first-born males to be homosexual in adulthood, are exposure to more pregnancies than eldest sons.
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Findings add to evidence that prenatal hormonal factors may be linked to men's sexual orientation as well as ethnic groups, after ethnicity was taken into account.
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Heterosexual men outperformed heterosexual women, whereas gay men threw less accurately and lesbians tended to throw more accurately than their heterosexual counterparts, suggests that both sexual orientation and motor/cognitive predispositions may have early biological contributions.
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Large differences between the male groups in favor of heterosexual men on JLO and MR performance revealed possible variations in the parietal cortex between homosexual and heterosexual persons.
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