Fluconazole bioequivalence study: quantification by tandem mass spectrometry.

  title={Fluconazole bioequivalence study: quantification by tandem mass spectrometry.},
  author={L{\'u}cio Moraes and F E Lerner and Maria Elisabete Amaral de Moraes and Manoel Odorico de Moraes and Gaetano Corso and Gilberto de Nucci},
  journal={Therapeutic drug monitoring},
  volume={21 2},
To develop a new method for quantifying fluoconazole in human plasma and to compare the bioavailability of two fluconazole capsule formulations, an open, randomized, two-period crossover study with a one-week washout interval was conducted in 24 healthy volunteers. Plasma samples were obtained up to 168 hours after drug administration and the serum fluconazole concentrations were analyzed using electrospray tandem mass spectrometry coupled to liquid chromatography using multiple reaction… CONTINUE READING