Flowering Plants · Dicotyledons

  title={Flowering Plants · Dicotyledons},
  author={Klaus Kubitzki and Jens G Rohwer and Volker Bittrich},
  booktitle={The Families and Genera of Vascular Plants},

Observations on Piper hymenophyllum Miq.: A Rare Wild Piper species in Sri Lanka

The recent observations on P. hymenophyullum from one of the isolated forest patches in Matale district are discussed.

Physical, Nutritional, and Bioactive Properties of Mandacaru Cladode Flour (Cereus jamacaru DC.): An Unconventional Food Plant from the Semi-Arid Brazilian Northeast

In this study, we evaluated the physical, nutritional, and bioactive properties of mandacaru cladode flour (Cereus jamacaru DC.). The granulometric profile revealed particles with non-uniform

Fagus sylvatica (common beech)

  • Biology
    CABI Compendium
  • 2022
This datasheet on Fagus sylvatica covers Identity, Overview, Associated Diseases, Pests or Pathogens, Distribution, Biology & Ecology, Environmental Requirements, Uses, Management, Genetics and

Lithocarpus (stone oaks)

  • Computer Science
    CABI Compendium
  • 2022
This datasheet on Lithocarpus covers Identity, Overview, Distribution, Uses, Management, Further Information.

The impact of cycleanine in cancer research: a computational study

The cytotoxic activity of cycleanine was computationally investigated to determine whether it is a PARP1 inhibitor or a caspase activator, and the results showed that Cycleanine is a potential inhibitor of the PARP 1 enzyme.

Bocconia frutescens (plume poppy).

  • C. Chimera
  • Environmental Science
    CABI Compendium
  • 2022
Abstract A datasheet on Bocconia frutescens covering, as an economically important tree, its taxonomy, importance, silviculture, distribution, biology and ecology, uses, products and pests.

The biology and total syntheses of bisbenzylisoquinoline alkaloids.

This mini-review provides a concise overview of the biosynthetic pathway and pharmacology of bisbenzylisoquinoline alkaloid (bisBIA) natural products. Additional emphasis is given to the

Leaf Anatomical Evaluation of Some Nepeta L., Taxa in Iran

It was found that several leaf anatomical characteristics were common among the taxa and their populations; therefore, they had no taxonomic value and should be considered in all taxonomical treatments of this genus to define the correct infrageneric classification pattern.

Flavonoids of the Caryophyllaceae

This review analysed the flavonoid composition of 26 different genera and more than 120 species of Caryophyllaceae for the first time and found that flavonoids are polyphenolic compounds that remain one of the most extensively studied constituents of the CaryophyLLaceae family.