Flower development.

  title={Flower development.},
  author={Elena R. {\'A}lvarez-Buylla and Mariana Ben{\'i}tez and Adriana Corvera-Poir{\'e} and Alvaro Chaos Cador and Stefan de Folter and Alicia Gamboa de Buen and Adriana Garay-Arroyo and Berenice Garc{\'i}a-Ponce and Fabiola Jaimes-Miranda and Rigoberto V P{\'e}rez-Ru{\'i}z and Alma Pi{\~n}eyro-Nelson and Yara E S{\'a}nchez-Corrales},
  journal={The arabidopsis book},
Flowers are the most complex structures of plants. Studies of Arabidopsis thaliana, which has typical eudicot flowers, have been fundamental in advancing the structural and molecular understanding of flower development. The main processes and stages of Arabidopsis flower development are summarized to provide a framework in which to interpret the detailed molecular genetic studies of genes assigned functions during flower development and is extended to recent genomics studies uncovering the key… CONTINUE READING
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