Flower Colors and Their Anthocyanins in Saintpaulia Cultivars (Gesneriaceae)

  title={Flower Colors and Their Anthocyanins in Saintpaulia Cultivars (Gesneriaceae)},
  author={Fumi Tatsuzawa and Munetaka Hosokawa},
  journal={The Horticulture Journal},
The flower colors and anthocyanin constitution of sixteen cultivars of Saintpaulia were surveyed to determine the relationship between their flower colors and anthocyanin components. Six anthocyanins were isolated from the flowers of these cultivars as major anthocyanins along with three minor ones, and their structures were identified by co-HPLC or chemical and spectroscopic techniques. Among them, a novel anthocyanin, pelargonidin 3-O-[6-O-(4-O-(acetyl)-α-rhamnopyranosyl)-β-glucopyranoside… 

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1Faculty of Agriculture, Iwate University, Morioka 020-8550, Japan 2Meiji-Gakuin University, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8636, Japan 3Tsukuba Botanical Garden, National Science Museum, Tsukuba 305-0005,