Flowable composites for bonding orthodontic retainers.


OBJECTIVE To test the null hypothesis that there are no statistically significant differences between flowables and an orthodontic adhesive tested in terms of shear bond strength (SBS) and pullout resistance. MATERIALS AND METHODS To test the SBS of Light Bond, FlowTain, Filtek Supreme, and Tetric Flow were applied to the enamel surfaces of 15 teeth… (More)
DOI: 10.2319/033007-155.1


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@article{Tabrizi2010FlowableCF, title={Flowable composites for bonding orthodontic retainers.}, author={Sama Tabrizi and Elio Salemis and Serdar Usumez}, journal={The Angle orthodontist}, year={2010}, volume={80 1}, pages={195-200} }