Flow cytometric evaluation of human basophils.


The expression of CD45 and IgE cell surface antigens on human leucocytes was studied by flow cytometry. More than 80% of sorted cells that expressed low CD45 (CD45dim) and high IgE (IgEbright) antigen site density were identified as basophils. Immunomagnetic depletion of the CD45dim-IgEbright cell subset by a biotin-coupled anti-IgE antibody and streptavidin-coated magnetic beads was greater than 90%, and more than 80% of cells binding significant numbers of beads exhibited the morphological characteristics of basophils. Interestingly, when the cell staining was performed in the presence of calcium and magnesium, we observed a significant increase of CD45 and an equivalent decrease of IgE cell surface expression, as well as an IgE concentration dependent diminution of the number of CD45dim-IgEbright cells.


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