Flow cytometric detection of aneuploidy in colorectal adenomas.

  title={Flow cytometric detection of aneuploidy in colorectal adenomas.},
  author={Harry F G M van den Ingh and Gerrit Griffioen and Cees J. Cornelisse},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={45 7},
Flow cytometry has been used to study the incidence of aneuploidy in a series of 55 colorectal adenomas (29 tubular adenomas, 22 tubulovillous adenomas, and 4 villous adenomas). For comparison, 5 nonadenomatous polyps, 4 normal mucosa samples from colectomy specimens and 16 colorectal cancers were measured. Fifteen (27%) adenomas were aneuploid, 33 (63%) were diploid, and 7 (11%) were peridiploid. The aneuploidy incidence increased with the size of the adenomas (less than 1 cm, 0%; 1 to 2 cm… CONTINUE READING