Flow cytometric assessment of human T-cell differentiation in thymus and bone marrow.

  title={Flow cytometric assessment of human T-cell differentiation in thymus and bone marrow.},
  author={Leon W. M. M. Terstappen and Shi-ang Huang and Louis J. Picker},
  volume={79 3},
Using multidimensional flow cytometry we have defined and quantified the human T-cell differentiation pathway, focusing on those events occurring among the most immature thymocytes and putative bone marrow (BM) T-precursors. Early thymocytes were found to express the CD34 antigen and consisted of a mean 1.2% of cells within human pediatric (n = 9) and 2.0% in fetal thymi (n = 4). All CD34+ thymocytes were atypical blast by morphology, expressed intracytoplasmatic, but not cell surface, CD3, and… CONTINUE READING
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