Flow cytometric analysis of immunogold cell surface label.

  title={Flow cytometric analysis of immunogold cell surface label.},
  author={Ralph M. B{\"o}hmer and Nicholas J. C. King},
  volume={5 5},
Goat antimouse immunoglobulin antibodies conjugated to colloidal 40-nm gold particles were used to label mouse spleen lymphocytes. The labeled cells were analysed with a flow cytometer, equipped with an argon-ion laser and a (0.5 mW) helium-neon laser. The right-angle (90 degrees) light scatter signal of the red (632.8 nm) helium-neon light was enhanced more than tenfold by the gold label. Dual labeling with gold and fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC) showed no interference between the two… CONTINUE READING