Flow characteristics of four commonly used mechanical heart valves.

  title={Flow characteristics of four commonly used mechanical heart valves.},
  author={M Y Rashtian and Dennis W. M. Stevenson and David T. Allen and Ajit P. Yoganathan and Edgar G. Harrison and W A Edmiston and P Faughan and Shahbudin H. Rahimtoola},
  journal={The American journal of cardiology},
  volume={58 9},
The in vivo and in vitro fluid dynamic performance of 4 mechanical heart valves was reviewed: Starr-Edwards silicon-rubber ball valves (models 1200/1260 aortic and 6120 mitral valves), Björk-Shiley tilting disc valves (standard spherical model, modified and unmodified convexo-concave [60 degrees and 70 degrees C-C] models), the Medtronic-Hall (Hall-Kaster) tilting disc valve and the St. Jude Medical bileaflet valve. These valves were chosen because of their past or present popularity in… CONTINUE READING

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