Flow behavior and heat transfer of molten steel in a two-strand tundish heated by plasma

  title={Flow behavior and heat transfer of molten steel in a two-strand tundish heated by plasma},
  author={Mengjing Zhao and Yong Wang and Shu-feng Yang and Jing-she Li and Wei Liu and Zhaoqi Song},
  journal={Journal of Materials Research and Technology},
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Molten Steel Flow, Heat Transfer and Inclusion Distribution in a Single-Strand Continuous Casting Tundish with Induction Heating
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The warm deformation behavior of 65Mn spring steel has been carried out by a thermomechanical simulator. The deformation temperatures are in the range of 550 ~ 700℃ and strain rates are in the range


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On the basis of coupled flow and heat transfer calculation, the plasma heating simulating results of argon-blowing on the bottom of heating area and non-argon-blowing in the six-strand tundish were
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The tundish as a flow reactor has a special feature, that is, the liquid metal stays in its working capacity for a certain period of time before it enters the mold. This time is effectively used to
Optimization of Two‐Strand Industrial Tundish Work with Use of Turbulence Inhibitors: Physical and Numerical Modeling
The paper shows the results of the research obtained by physical and mathematical modeling of steel flow and mixing in the tundish. Two‐strand continuous casting tundish was under consideration. It