Flow Rectification in Loopy Network Models of Bird Lungs.

  title={Flow Rectification in Loopy Network Models of Bird Lungs.},
  author={Quynh-Mai Nguyen and Anand Uttam Oza and Joanna Abouezzi and Guanhua Sun and Stephen Childress and Christina Frederick and Leif Ristroph},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={126 11},
We demonstrate flow rectification, valveless pumping, or alternating to direct current (AC-to-DC) conversion in macroscale fluidic networks with loops. Inspired by the unique anatomy of bird lungs and the phenomenon of directed airflow throughout the respiration cycle, we hypothesize, test, and validate that multiloop networks exhibit persistent circulation or DC flows when subject to oscillatory or AC forcing at high Reynolds numbers. Experiments reveal that disproportionately stronger… 
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