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Floristic inventory of tropical forest in Rwanda 20 years after artisanal gold-mining

  title={Floristic inventory of tropical forest in Rwanda 20 years after artisanal gold-mining},
  author={Rafael Alonso Roca and Claudia Carrillo},
Floristic inventories of tropical forest after 20 years of artisanal gold mining practices in Nyungwe National Park, Rwanda, were undertaken to understand the effect of this mining on forest composition and diversity. All selected sites had suffered severe mining impacts by 1993. Three plots of 0.05 ha were surveyed in each of four locations (Karamba, Rugazi, Akabaguri, andMugote), and all trees >10 cmDBH were censused. We found a total of 215 individual trees of 23 species and 18 families. The… Expand
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