Floristic Diversity of Forests of the Northwest Republic of the Congo

  title={Floristic Diversity of Forests of the Northwest Republic of the Congo},
  author={F{\'e}lix Koubouana and Suspense Averti Ifo and Jean Marie Moutsambot{\'e} and Romarick Mondzali-Lenguiya},
  journal={Open Journal of Forestry},
The study of structural and tree flora biodiversity of the forest of the Mbomo-Kelle UFA was done on an area of 88.5 ha (0.014% of the total UFA area). The inventory was carried out in plots of 200 m × 25 m (0.5 ha), arranged in a contiguous way along the opened trails in the forest with an equidistance interval of 2 km. 11,012 trees of DBH ≥20 cm were counted, divided into 107 genera, 31 families and 133 species including 121 completely identified and 12 defined only in terms of genus… 

Relationship between Tropical Forest Distribution and Soils on Different Types of Mother Rocks in the Republic of Congo

The factors influencing the distribution of forests and their development are important in order to better understand the bio-functioning of tropicals ecosystems forests. The Republic of the Congo

Tree Species Diversity, Richness, and Similarity in Intact and Degraded Forest in the Tropical Rainforest of the Congo Basin: Case of the Forest of Likouala in the Republic of Congo

The results obtained revealed high biodiversity of trees of the forest of Impfondo-Dongou, which can provide baseline information for conservation of the biodiversity of the tropical forest in this area.

Ecological and Structural Analyses of Trees in an Evergreen Lowland Congo Basin Forest

Floristic inventory and diversity assessments are necessary to understand the present diversity status and conservation of forest biodiversity. Studying the variation height-diameter woody provides



The influence of topography and soil phosphorus on the vegetation of Korup Forest Reserve, Cameroun

All living trees (≥30 cm gbh) were enumerated in 135 80×80 m plots, each subdivided into four 40×40 m subplots, and arranged along four 5 km transect lines in the Korup Forest Reserve, Cameroun. For

Effect of topography on the pattern of trees in Tabonuco (Dacryodes excelsa) dominated rain forest of Puerto Rico

The structure, composition, and spatial patterns of tree species in two adjacent watersheds of the Luquillo Experimental Forest, Puerto Rico were investigated. Both watersheds had the same

La Réserve de Conkouati, Congo : le secteur sud-est

IUCN has undertaken the first in-depth biological inventory of the south-east part of this reserve. This study gives a socio-economic picture of the local population, the Vilis, the Loumbous and the

Changement De Couverture Forestière Dans Le Département De La Likouala (République Du Congo) Durant La Période De 1986 À 2015

A study on the change of forest cover was carried out in the Department of Likouala, Republic of Congo for the period from 1986 to 2015. It was intended to calculate the areas of the different land

Relationships between soil and vegetation in a tropical rain forest in French Guiana

We describe a new method to observe and map morphological and functional characteristics of soil. Drainage and surface hydromorphy were mapped in eleven plots including 16.8 hectares. In the same

Biodiversité floristique du sous–bois et régénération naturelle de la forêt de la Patte d’Oie de Brazzaville, Congo

Les ilots forestiers de la Patte d’Oie a Brazzaville sont etudies suivant trois releves de 0,5 ha, correspondant chacun a un ilot. Mise en reserve en 1938, l’aire originelle est passee de 240 ha a 95

Etude comparée de plusieurs types d'analyses spatiales sur des forêts semi-décidues de la vallée du Niari (Congo)

Etude de placettes de 8.000 m 2 dans six forets tropicales semi-decidues de la Vallee du Niari, au moyen d'indices de dispersion, d'analyses de variance et de variogrammes. La structure de ces forets

Hétérogénéité spatiale d'une forêt tropicale humide de Sumatra : effet de la topographie sur la structure floristique

Les forets tropicales humides se caracterisent par une structure complexe tres heterogene dans l'espace. L'etude des facteurs responsables de cette heterogeneite est indispensable si l'on veut mettre

Caractérisation de l’okoumé (Aucoumea klaineana) dans la forêt du littoral congolais. DGRST, Actes des premières journées nationales sur la recherche forestière au Congo, Brazzaville

  • juin
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Ecologie Numérique, tome 1: Le traitement multiple des données écologiques

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