Flora das cangas da Serra dos Carajás, Pará, Brasil: Schizaeaceae

  title={Flora das cangas da Serra dos Caraj{\'a}s, Par{\'a}, Brasil: Schizaeaceae},
  author={Tha{\'i}s Elias Almeida},
Contribuições para a flora de samambaias da Serra dos Carajás, Pará, Brasil
Resumo Este estudo trata os táxons das famílias Athyriaceae, Lomariopsidaceae, Metaxyaceae e Saccolomataceae (Polypodiopsida) encontrados nas formações de Floresta Ombrófila Densa circunvizinhas às
Ferns and lycophytes from Serra dos Carajás, an Eastern Amazonian mountain range
Abstract In the state of Pará (Brazil), until the beginning of last decade little was known about the composition of the fern and lycophyte flora. The ferruginous mountains of Carajás are located in


A community‐derived classification for extant lycophytes and ferns
A modern, comprehensive classification for lycophytes and ferns, down to the genus level, utilizing a community‐based approach, that uses monophyly as the primary criterion for the recognition of taxa, but also aims to preserve existing taxa and circumscriptions that are both widely accepted and consistent with the understanding of pteridophyte phylogeny.
A classification for extant ferns
A revised classification for extant ferns is presented, with emphasis on ordinal and familial ranks, and a synopsis of included genera is provided, reflecting recently published phylogenetic hypotheses based on both morphological and molecular data.